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Cialis Free Trial

Whether you are only thinking about trying Cialis in the nearest future or have already been taking it for some time, you are probably well aware of the fact that this medication is anything but cheap. Of course, that only applies to the original brand-name medication from Eli Lilly and Company while generic alternatives are not likely to cost more than just a few bucks. However, saving up on cheap meds is not what we’re planning to talk about in today’s article here on our site. We’re going to take yet another step further. You don’t like paying too much for your brand-name Cialis? And you’re not really fond of spending money on generics either? Well, how about getting your Cialis absolutely for free then? Believe it or not but that’s also an option! And you actually won’t have to do anything abnormally difficult or time-consuming in order to get your free Cialis – all of the ways we will list in this short guide are as simple and quick as they get. Read it carefully and, who knows, maybe it will help you to get yourself a month’s worth of Cialis without spending even a single penny.

Cialis: free trial packages

There are already lots of people using Cialis in order to treat ED or BPH (or both together) but there are clearly more of those who haven’t tried this medication yet. Thus, the manufacturers of Tadalafil-based medications have got a huge potential market share that they need to win somehow. One of the most obvious ways to get new loyal customers is by distributing free trial packages among potential users of Cialis – and pharmaceutical companies are fully aware of that. In this part of our article we will be talking about their marketing efforts most pleasant for us, consumers – free giveaways!

In fact, free product giveaways don’t always work the way the manufacturers want to. If they want giveaways to trigger sales, they need to be 100% sure their product is so good that a person who tried it once will want to do that again. Fortunately, it is exactly the case with Cialis. According to current data, only 10% of first-time Cialis users switch to different medications later on. The remaining 90% stick with this medication for periods of time long enough to make free giveaways worth it, putting it mildly.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, Cialis free trial programs are currently restricted to US-based patients only. That applies, of course, to the programs run by the official manufacturer of brand-name Cialis – Eli Lilly and Company. There might be local Tadalafil manufacturers or pharmacies that give away trial packages for free too – we bet you can find those simply by googling for them.

If, however, you are currently residing in the US and are 18 years of age or older, getting up to 30 daily Cialis pills or 3 pills of high-strength Cialis intended for use as needed should be no problem at all. All you need to do is visit the official site of Cialis, download an electronic voucher, print it, take it to your doctor to make sure Cialis is right for you and… Bingo! As soon as you get your prescription, you just take it to the nearest big pharmacy (along with the voucher) and exchange it for a bunch of awesome pills that are guaranteed to make your sex life a zillion times better! Of course, you need to make sure that the pharmacy you’re heading off to is participating in Cialis free trial program – the full list of those is available on the official website too.

It is important to remember, however, that Cialis free trial program is not for everyone. In order to participate in it, you should be over 18 years of age, residing in the United States and it should be your very first time trying Cialis. The manufacturer assumes that all current Cialis users are already perfectly aware of what Cialis is and how it works and we have to agree with them on that one. And no, there is no way you can cheat them into believing that you are a first-timer – all Cialis prescriptions are monitored, so if you have already tried this med, you should be in their database already. On the other hand, if you have been on generic Cialis before, you can definitely request your free trial of the name brand – this should work without any problems, as far as we are concerned.

You can be sure that ordering free Cialis trial packages from the official site and picking them up in licensed pharmacies is 100% safe. And it will definitely not result in your personal information leaking somewhere – Eli Lilly and Company and all of its partners guarantee full privacy to all of their customers. This is one of those rare cases when something is free with no strings attached – it’s just their way of attracting new clients, no catch there.

Getting free Cialis pills with your order

Another really cool perk that most people preferring to shop for Cialis online frequently get to enjoy is receiving complimentary pills every time you buy enough to qualify for the special offer. Actually, the whole thing depends largely on the pharmacy you are buying your meds from. In some of the cases, the more you buy, the lower the price per pill is. In other Internet-based drugstores the price of 1 pill always stays the same – but you get extra pills with each of your orders, like, 1 complimentary pill for each 10 you purchase.

Surfing the Internet, you are very likely to run into pharmacies that seem to offer incredibly valuable complimentary packages. For instance, you see them running buy-1-get-1-free offers and still selling their meds cheaper than anywhere else on the Internet… Frankly, we treat such crazy deals with a healthy amount of skepticism and never purchase from online pharmacies offering them or recommend our readers to do so. While getting a free extra pill for each 10 or even 5 you purchase sounds like something realistic, BOGOF offers are usually nothing but a scam. It’s either that you will end up paying twice as much as in other places or will risk getting counterfeit pills that don’t work as well as you expect them to. Thus, watch out – there are very few cases when pharmaceuticals sold at abnormally low prices match up with your expectations.

What is you are more likely to see in reliable online pharmacies specializing in generic ED drugs are so-called ‘value packages’ where you buy pills of one brand and get a few additional tablets of another brand thrown in for free. For instance, you might be buying generic Sildenafil (similar to Viagra) and getting Tadalafil (similar to Cialis) as a bonus. In most cases this is not all about the pharmacy trying to be nice and win your loyalty or anything like that. That’s their gentle attempt to make you switch to alternative meds that might be bringing them more profit. Well, we’re inclined to think that there’s nothing wrong about it – good pharmacies don’t send out duds or dangerous meds, even if they are 100% free, so… Why not try it? If you like it better, you would just switch to taking it and both you and the pharmacy will profit.

Unfortunately, we have never seen regular land-based pharmacies offering free Cialis with any purchases regardless of whether they already include some ED meds or not. A brief look at the sites of the biggest chain pharmacies selling brand-name Cialis in the US also proved that free bonus pills are obviously the prerogative of smaller online stores. We did manage to find a couple of sites offering brand-name Cialis pills as a bonus – but the prices in those were actually considerably higher than average. Thus, if you want free pills with your order, you should be ready to either pay more or go for generic Cialis.

Other ways to get Cialis for free

Surprisingly, the two options listed above are far not the only ones you have at your disposal when hunting for free Cialis. Read on – there is even more interesting stuff waiting for you in the following paragraphs!

-Free Cialis coupons

Even though there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sites offering those on the Internet, the majority of free Cialis coupons are exactly the ones that we wrote about in the first part of our article – issued by Eli Lilly and Company and giving first-time customers based in the United States the right to receive a 1-month supply of daily Cialis or 3 pills to be taken as needed.

However, judging from our personal experience once again, free Cialis coupons issued by other manufacturers and independent online pharmacies do exist too. They are anything but numerous and are usually available during strictly limited periods of time but… They are somewhere out there and if you are as lucky as we were, you might run into them as well. You can try signing up to the newsletters from sites specializing in pharmaceutical discount coupons or even bookmark these sites directly – this way you will always keep your fingers on the pulse and be among the first lucky ones to grab your package of 100% free Cialis.

-Free Cialis from your doctor

If you are okay with all the counseling and tests that getting a prescription for an ED medication always puts you through, you might as well get a good deal of sample pills from your healthcare provider. Eli Lilly and Company gives out quite a few free Cialis coupons to its customers every day – but it gives out even more to the doctors participating in its program. Thus, you can probably skip the coupon downloading and printing part and go straight to your doctor – the chances that he or she has already got these coupons waiting for you are always very high.

In fact, healthcare professionals usually get free trial coupons not only from the manufacturer of Cialis but from other pharmaceutical companies as well. Thus, if your doctor is in a good mood, you might even end up with a few assorted pills in your cabinet. You will get to try them all and choose to stick with the one that works best for you and causes less discomfort. You know, for some reason we think that’s going to be Cialis anyway. :) With its unbeatable duration of action, unique version for daily use and lower risk of side effects, it always looks like the most obvious choice. Nevertheless, we still recommend you to try all of the options that are available to you – drug tolerance always varies from individual to individual and, who knows, maybe you will really like Viagra or Levitra better than Cialis.

Is free Cialis as good as the regular pills you pay for?

If you’re hesitant to try Cialis you received in your free trial package, rest assured – it’s 100% safe. Judge yourself: the main reason why pharmaceutical companies give away free pills is because they want to attract new customers. And that is only possible if the customers are 100% satisfied with the way the medication works for them.

Still, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you take your first Cialis, especially if it is a generic medication purchased online and without a prescription. Was the pharmacy you got it from rated as reliable by online drugstore directories? Did it have enough positive feedback from previous customers? If your answers to these questions are positive, then you are safe – go ahead, pop that pill and enjoy a perfect night of healthy lovemaking. But, please, always follow your doctor’s advice or at least the instructions on the package insert. Don’t overdose, don’t crush the pill and pay special attention to possible side effects and drug interactions of Cialis. Only by following these simple rules will you enjoy this medication’s perfect effect without any unpleasant consequences.

Now that you’ve got all the information you wanted on your hands, isn’t it the time to start your hunt for free Cialis? Then move right on – if you are lucky, this month it’s someone else who is paying for your flawless sexual performance. Good luck and have fun! By the way, if you have got any relevant information to share with us, don’t hesitate to – maybe there are more ways to get Cialis for free than we are aware of. Will be glad to hear some from you, thanks in advance!

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I took a smaller dosage to test the response of the body to the drug. Then just figured out that one needs to take a tablet a day, and be ready for sex any time. I decided not to increase the dosage as everything is super.